The New International Encyclopædia/Idaho, University of

Edition of 1905.  See also University of Idaho on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

IDAHO, University of. A State educational institution situated at Moscow, Idaho. It was founded in 1889, but was not opened for the reception of students until 1892. It is under the control of five regents, and offers free instruction to students of both sexes. It comprises a course of letters and science, schools of agriculture and applied science, and a preparatory school. It maintains an agricultural experiment station, and has organized farmers' institutes throughout the State. Military drill is required of preparatory students, and of freshmen and sophomores in the university. The degrees of B.A., B.S., B.M., B.E.M., B.E.E., and B.C.E. are conferred. The total attendance averages 350, of whom about 150 are collegiate students. The library contains about 8000 volumes and 10,000 pamphlets. The endowment consists of 286,000 acres of land. The grounds and buildings are valued at $275,000, and the income is approximately $65,000.