The New International Encyclopædia/Keller, Otto

KELLER, Otto (1838—). A German classical philologist, born at Tübingen, appointed professor at Prague. His most important work has been, in collaboration with A. T. Holder, an edition of the text of Horace, Horatii Opera Rec. Keller et Holder (1864-70; vol. i., 2d ed. 1899), which is the chief critical edition of Horace. On this subject he has also published Epilegomena zu Horaz (3 vols., Leipzig, 1879-80). Besides these, he has made many contributions to learning; among them the most important are: Tiere des classischen Altertums in kulturgeschichlicher Beziehung (Innsbruck, 1887); Tier- und Pflanzenbilder auf Münzen und Gemmen (1889); Lateinische Etymologien (1893); Grammatische Aufsätze (1895); etc.