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LAP′WORTH, Charles (1842—). An English geologist. He was born at Faringdon, Berkshire; received a pedagogical training at Culham College; taught at Galashiels (1864-75), at Madras College, Saint Andrews (1875-81), and at Mason College, Birmingham, which afterwards became Birmingham University. He won the Bigsby gold medal in 1887, and the Wollaston medal in 1899; in 1892 he became president of the geological section of the British Association of Edinburgh. Lapworth urged strongly the theory of ‘rock-fold’; investigated the graptolites—The Geological Distribution of the Rhabdophora (1879-80)—showing, against Barrande's theory of colonies, the chronological and zonal sequence; and made great contributions to the stratigraphy of the Darness Eribole district of the Scotch Highlands. His writings are in the publications of the Edinburgh Geological Society, the reports of the British Association, the Quarterly Journal of the London Geological Society, and the Geological Magazine. He revised the tenth edition of Page's Physical Geography (1881), also his Geology (1888), and published an Intermediate Text-book of Geology (1899).