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The New International Encyclopædia/Marcou, Jules

MARCOU, märkōō′, Jules (1824–98). A French geologist, born in Salins, in the Department of Jura. He was educated in Paris, and, after completing his course at the Collège Saint Louis, made geological excursions through the Alps. In 1846 he was attached to the mineralogical department of the Sorbonne, and conducted geological investigations in various parts of Europe, and from 1848 to 1850 in the United States. For some time he was employed by the United States Government in surveying the Rocky Mountains, but he returned in 1855 to Europe to accept the chair of paleontological geology in the Polytechnic School of Zurich. In 1860 he again visited the United States and was engaged with Prof. Louis Agnssiz in paleontological researches, and afterwards entered the Government service. Profosor Marcou is best known, perhaps, for his works. Recherches géologique sur le Jura salinois (1848), and The Taconic System and Its Position in Stratigraphic Geology (1885). He published many scientific papers besides the following more important works: Geology of North America (1858); Geological Map of the World (1861); De la science en France (1869); Origin of the Name America (1875); First Discoveries of California, and the Origin of Its Name (1878).