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The New International Encyclopædia/Marinduque (island)

MARINDUQUE. One of the Philippine Islands, situated in the Visayan Sea, 19 miles south of the Isthmus of Tayabas, separating North from South Luzon. It is roughly circular in shape, with a diameter of 20 miles and an area of 667 square miles, or, with the dependent islets, 681 square miles. The interior is mountainous and forested, with some fine grazing grounds. The principal occupations of the inhabitants are cattle-raising and the cultivation of rice and hemp, the latter being of fine quality. Copra is also manufactured and exported. The population is 48,000, almost entirely Tagálog. Marinduque was a separate province until June 23, 1902, when the large island of Mindoro (q.v.) was annexed to it. The capital is Bóac, a strongly fortified town near the northwestern coast, with a large stone church, straight and regular streets, and a population of 14,722. Marinduque has an advantageous position as a port of call on the main line of communication between Luzon and Mindanao, and steamers visit it weekly.