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The New International Encyclopædia/Molique, Wilhelm Bernhard

MOLIQUE, mṓ'lḗk', Wilhelm Bernhard (1802-69). A German violinist and composer, born at Nuremberg. His father was a musician and the boy studied various instruments, but finally devoted himself to the violin. In 1815 he received some lessons from Spohr, and then studied for two years under Rovelli in Munich. In 1820 he succeeded Rovelli as Court violinist, and after several successful tours became leader of the Royal Band at Stuttgart in 1826. In 1849 he resigned to go to England, in which country he remained till 1866, when he returned to Cannstadt, near Stuttgart, where he died. His compositions, especially his violin concertos, are still in use. His third concerto, in D minor, and his fifth in A minor, are remarkable works, and are the best examples of the technical skill and clear-cut harmonies which are evident to a less degree in his duets, sacred compositions, and instrumental pieces.