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The New International Encyclopædia/Monghyr

MONGHYR, mon-gēr′, or MUNGHIR. The capital of a district in Bengal, British India, on the south bank of the Ganges, having steam ferry communication with its railway station on the north bank, 34 miles northwest of Bhagalpur (Map: India, E 3). The city, extending for six miles along the river bank, has a picturesque appearance, and is dominated by a fort containing the district offices and headquarters, on a rocky elevation. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Monghyr was noted for its manufactures of firearms, swords, and ironware, which are still in local demand. Cotton, cloth, shoes, furniture, and soap are manufactured, and there is a large trade in agricultural produce, especially butter. Population, in 1891, 57,077; in 1901, 35,880.