The New International Encyclopædia/Montana, University of

Edition of 1905.  See also University of Montana on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MONTANA, University of. A coeducational State institution at Missoula, Mont., founded in 1895. It maintains a preparatory department and a department of literature, science, and the arts, and offers graduate courses, leading respectively to the degrees of B.A., B.S., M.A., and M.S. There is also a summer school of science and a biological station. Tuition is free. The university had in 1902 a student enrollment of 347 and 13 instructors. The library contained 10,000 volumes. The endowment consists of 72 sections of land given by Congress in 1892. The income fund arises from the rental of lands unsold, from licenses to cut trees, and from the interest on the proceeds of the sales of lands invested in the permanent university fund, which is applied to the payment of the bonds issued in 1897 for the construction and equipment of buildings. The income for maintenance amounted in 1902 to $37,000. The total value of the university property was $200,000, including a campus of 40 acres and buildings valued at $140,000.