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The New International Encyclopædia/Montorsoli, Giovanni Angelico da

MONTORSOLI, mṓn-tôr′sṓ-lḗ, Fra Giovanni Angelico (or Angiolo) da (1507-63). A Florentine sculptor and architect. He was born at Montorsoli; worked in Florence, Genoa, Bologna, and Messina; visited Paris; and died in 1563 in Florence, where he was interred in a tomb erected by himself (1561) in the chapter-house of the Annunziata Church. He was for a short time connected with the Order of the Servi, whence the Fra commonly prefixed to his name. His earliest important work was at Genoa (1522-25), where he built or enlarged the Serra and Doria palaces, and remodeled the interior of the Church of San Mateo, to which he added a chapel with a monument to Andrea Doria. Between 1530 and 1534 he assisted Michelangelo on the Medicean Chapel, Florence, for which he carved the statue of Saint Cosmas. In 1547 he went to Messina, where he executed the fountain in front of the cathedral and another near the custom-house, and built several chapels in the cathedral, the Church of San Lorenzo, and the lighthouse.