The New International Encyclopædia/North Carolina, University of

NORTH CAROLINA, University of. A State institution at Chapel Hill, N. C., chartered in 1789, and opened in 1795. It comprises a college and schools of law, medicine, and pharmacy, together with a summer school for teachers. It confers the bachelor's degree in arts, science, philosophy, and law, the degree of graduate in pharmacy, the master's degree in arts and science, and the doctor's degree in philosophy and medicine. Free instruction is offered to graduates of colleges and universities, to candidates for the ministry, to teachers and young men who are preparing to teach, and to those who are laboring under bodily infirmities. A loan fund, established by Rev. C. F. Deems of New York, and enlarged by Mr. W. H. Vanderbilt, furnishes temporary assistance to indigent students. Women are admitted to the higher courses. In 1903 the university had an attendance of 698, a faculty of 66, and a library of 41,000 volumes. The campus covers 48 acres, and with the buildings, fifteen in number, is valued at $500,000.