The New International Encyclopædia/North Dakota, University of

NORTH DAKOTA, University of. A co-educational State institution at Grand Forks, N. D., established in 1883. By the enabling act of Congress under which the State was admitted, the university received a grant of 86,080 acres of land, and the School of Mines, a grant of 40,000 acres. The university comprises a college of arts, a normal college, and departments of law, mining engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, military science, and pharmacy, together with a preparatory department. In 1902 it had 500 students, 35 instructors, and a library containing 10,000 volumes. The college property was valued at $2,500,000, including a campus of 80 acres, valued with the college buildings at $350,000, and the income was $80,000. University extension work is carried on by means of lectures given in different parts of the State.