The New International Encyclopædia/Ohio Wesleyan University

OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. A coeducational institution of higher learning under the control of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Delaware, Ohio, opened in 1844. The Ohio Wesleyan Female College, founded in 1853, was united with the university, and in 1896 an existing medical school at Cleveland was annexed under the name of the Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons. The university embraces a college of liberal arts, an academic department, and schools of music, oratory, business, fine arts, and medicine. In 1849 the trustees authorized the sale of scholarships to secure an endowment, and during the next five years 3740 scholarships were sold, calling for more than 25,000 years of tuition. In 1902 the faculty numbered 111 and the student body 1385. The endowment was $954,121, and the value of the grounds, fifteen buildings, and equipment, $742,503. The library contained 42,000 volumes.