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The New International Encyclopædia/Taliaferro, William Booth

TALIAFERRO, tǒl′ĭ-vẽr, William Booth (1822-98). A Confederate soldier, born at Belleville, in Gloucester County, Va. He attended Harvard College, and then William and Mary College, where he graduated in 1841. At the beginning of the Civil War he was made a colonel in the Provisional Army of Virginia. He participated in most of the battles fought by the Army of Northern Virginia prior to March, 1863, and was promoted brigadier-general in March, 1862. In March, 1863, he was put in command of the district of Savannah, Ga. In the following July, at the time of the desperate attacks on Fort Wagner, he was in command of the defenses on Morris Island, and in August of those on James Island. In 1864 he commanded the Seventh Military District, comprising a part of South Carolina, and in December was given command of the entire State. He was promoted major-general January 1, 1865. After the war he resumed the practice of law, and served for ten years in the Virginia House of Delegates. He contributed “Jackson's Raid Around Pope” to Battles and Leaders of the Civil War.