The New International Encyclopædia/Utah, University of

Edition of 1905.  See also University of Utah on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

UTAH, University of. A state institution of learning for both sexes at Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in 1850 as the University of the State of Deseret. After one session it was discontinued until 1867, owing to lack of funds and patronage. A new charter was secured in 1894, when the present corporate title was assumed. In the same year the university received a grant of 60 acres on the Fort Douglas Reservation and the Legislature appropriated $300,000 for buildings on the new site. The departments are the School of Arts and Sciences; the State School of Mines, established by the State Legislature in 1901; the State Normal School; and a preparatory department. Students are admitted on examination or on certificate from accredited schools. In 1903 the attendance was 745, the teaching force numbered 30, and the library contained 21,300 volumes and 11,500 pamphlets. The value of the university property was estimated at $350,000 and the gross income at $85,000.