The New International Encyclopædia/Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

The New International Encyclopædia
Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

VIRGINIA AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE AND POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. An institution founded in 1871 on the land grant of 1862. It offers courses in agriculture, horticulture, applied chemistry, general science, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, and shorter courses in practical agriculture and practical mechanics. The sciences hold the foremost place in the curriculum, but every course includes a certain element of general culture. The courses are so arranged as to give the student an approximately equal amount of class work and of laboratory, shop, or field practice. The degrees conferred are bachelor and master of science and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineer. Military drill is required of the students. The total enrollment in 1903 was 627, with 40 instructors. The library contained 3600 volumes. The gross income was $117,006 and the total valuation of the college property was about $700,000. The institution has about 50 buildings and 1200 acres of land, owned or leased, valued at $250,000.