The New Student's Reference Work/Adams, Herbert Baxter

Adams, Herbert Baxter (1850 – 1901), American historian and educator, born at Amherst, Mass., and educated at Amherst College and at Heidelberg, Germany, obtaining at the latter the degree of Ph.D. Returning to the United States about the era when Johns Hopkins University was founded Dr. Adams became associate professor in that institute and subsequently was appointed full professor. He also became historical lecturer at Smith College, Northampton, Mass., and for a time lectured at Chautauqua. He took part in the inception of the American Historical Association and acted as its first secretary, subsequently becoming first vice-president. He edited an important series of educational monographs issued by the U. S. Bureau of Education, and was editor also of the Johns Hopkins Studies in History and Political Science. His other published work embraces, besides his two volume Life and Writings of Jared Sparks, issued in 1893, monographs on Maryland's Influence in Founding a National Commonwealth, on The College of William and Mary, on The Study of History in American Colleges and Universities, on Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia, and a work on the History of the United States Constitution. Dr. Adams died in 1901.