The New Student's Reference Work/Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

Lawrence Alma Tadema

Alma-Tadema (äl' mä-täd' ā́-mä),Sir Lawrence, a distinguished British artist, was born at Dronryp, in the Netherlands, January 8, 1836. He settled in England in 1873 where he was given knighthood and made a Royal Academician. His paintings chiefly deal with classical subjects, and are distinguished for their careful composition and accuracy and for the beauty and finish of their coloring. In 1905 he received the Order of Merit. Entrance to a Roman Theater and The Vintage, are two of his works. His later paintings include The Way to the Temple, A Reading from Homer, Sappho, A Roman Emperor and The Triumph of Titus. He died June 24, 1912.