The New Student's Reference Work/Anderson, Mary

An'derson, Mary, an American actress, was born at Sacramento, California, July 28, 1859. When only 13 years old she decided to become an actress. Soon after she met the great Charlotte Cushman, and at once went to New York to study. Here, when but 16 years old, she made her first appearance on the stage as "Juliet," with complete success. She was soon acknowledged to be the leading actress of the United States and became very popular, being known everywhere as "Our Mary." A beautiful, frank, pure-hearted girl, she did much toward convincing Americans that stage life may be pure. She has not appeared on the stage since her marriage, in 1889, to Mr. Navarro, a wealthy New Yorker. In 1896 she issued a volume of reminiscences under the title of A Few Memories.