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Yellow-footed Armadillo

Armadil′lo, a curious animal of burrowing habits, living in Mexico, Central and South America.  It sometimes crosses the Mexican border into southern Texas.  It is covered by an armor of bony plates, which are so jointed, that when annoyed the animal can roll itself into a ball for protection.  Notwithstanding its short legs, it is said to be able to outrun a man, and can bury itself in an incredibly short time by the use of its long, powerful claws.  It is about thirty inches in length; in color, brownish-black marked with yellow, and underneath a yellowish-white.  It is an habitual digger, makes its burrows in the dry soil of arid regions, comes forth chiefly at night.  It feeds on insects, worms, roots, fruit and sometimes carrion.  In the woods and pampas large numbers are found.