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Matthew Arnold

Arnold, Matthew, an eminent English poet, essayist and critic. He was born at Laleham, December 24, 1822, the eldest son of Dr. Arnold of Rugby. He studied at Winchester, Rugby and Balliol College, Oxford, and was made a fellow of Oriel. After acting for some years as a private secretary, he was made government inspector of schools. In 1857 he was elected professor of poetry at Oxford. In 1883 he lectured in the United States. Arnold's poetical works place him in the front rank of modern poets. As a critic his literary judgments have long been received by the literary world with a higher respect that is given to the criticism of most other writers. His prose works include Essays in Criticism, Irish Essays and Last Essays on Church and Religion. He died suddenly at Liverpool on April 15, 1888. See Letters of M. Arnold (1848-88), collected by G. W. E. Russel and the monograph by George Saintsbury.