The New Student's Reference Work/Ascham, Roger

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Ascham (ăs' kam), Roger, a well-known scholar and teacher, was born in a small English village about 1515, and was taken into the family of a nobleman to be educated. While there he showed so much taste for study, that in 1530 he was sent to St. John’s College, Cambridge. He was specially fond of Latin and Greek, and soon became known as a scholar in those languages. Soon after his graduation he began to act as a tutor, and his success brought to him the sons of many noblemen. He was then appointed Greek lecturer at the university, and in 1544 was made university orator. He was very fond of archery, and wrote a book about the right way to use the bow. He also was quite a musician as well as an artist. In 1548 he was appointed to take charge of the education of Princess, afterward Queen, Elizabeth. After traveling on the continent for a time, he became Latin secretary for Queen Mary, and when Elizabeth became queen he spent part of each day with her, reading Latin and Greek authors, of which he was very fond. His success as a teacher led him to write his famous book called The Schoolmaster. He died at London in 1568.