The New Student's Reference Work/Bothnia, Gulf of

Both′nia, Gulf of, the northern part of the Baltic Sea, between Finland on the east and Sweden and Lapland on the north and west. Its greatest length is about 450 miles, its average width 100 miles, and its depth from 120 to 300 feet. Along its shores as well as out in the gulf are numerous small islands, sand banks, rocks and cliffs called skoers, which make navigation difficult. It has, however, many good harbors, and timber is exported from several ports. A large number of rivers pour their waters into the gulf, and the alluvial deposit from these is causing the land in the upper part to extend, while that in the lower part is slowly sinking. The dwellers along the shore are engaged in the herring trade. In winter the gulf is usually frozen so hard that it can be crossed by sledges. The water is but slightly salt.