The New Student's Reference Work/Cable, George Washington

The New Student's Reference Work
Cable, George Washington


Ca′ble, George Washington, an American author, was born in New Orleans in 1844, and after a short career in business entered the Confederate army. At the close of the war, he resumed business in New Orleans and while still so engaged began his work as a writer in connection with the New Orleans Picayune. His first stories were collected and published under the title of Old Creole Days. The Grandissimes, Madame Delphine and the History of New Orleans soon followed, and in 1879 he gave up his business. In 1884 Mr. Cable settled in Northampton, Massachusetts, and devoted himself to writing and lecturing. Dr. Sevier, The Creoles of Louisiana, The Silent South, The Cavalier, By-Low Hill and Strange True Stories of Louisiana are among his later works.