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Colum′bus, Georgia, a railroad center at the head of navigation on Chattahoochee River.  It has wonderful waterpower, aggregating 136,000 horsepower at and above the city, 27,000 of which is already developed and in use.  It is a large manufacturing center, having 16 cotton-factories, two large iron-mills, two flour-mills, clothing-factories, the largest show-case factory south of the Potomac and a variety of industrial establishments.  It has the distinction of selling electric power more cheaply than it is sold anywhere else in the united States, surpassing even Niagara Falls.  It has an excellent school-system, providing for all children from kindergarten to college.  The latest addition to its school-system is the secondary industrial school which is an academic trade-school of high-school rank.  According to the census of 1900, the population was 17,614.  It has had a steady growth of recent years, and its population by latest census (1910) is 20,554.