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Dallas, a city of Texas, the capital of Dallas County, situated on Trinity River, about one mile below the mouth of the West Fork and 315 miles north of Galveston. It is an important insurance and financial center of the southwest, and has extensive railroad connection through the following lines: The Texas & Pacific, Houston & Texas Central, Missouri, Kansas & Texas, Rock Island, Texas & New Orleans, Cotton Belt, Trinity & Brazos Valley, Santa Fe and the Frisco; and also electric lines to Ft. Worth 32 miles west and to Sherman 64 miles north. Dallas has good public schools and other institutions of learning, among which are the Texas Baptist University, St. Mary's Institute (an Episcopal college for women), Medical Department of Southwestern University, Medical Department of Baylor University and several academies and commercial colleges.

Among the important public buildings are Carnegie Library, Oriental Hotel, St. Paul's Sanitarium and the Baptist Memorial Sanitarium. Lying in a fine agricultural country, Dallas has a large trade in grain, cotton, hides, vehicles, farm and mill-machinery, saddlery and harness. It manufactures extensively cotton-gin machinery and presses, leather-goods, cotton-goods, cotton-oil products, candies, crackers, saddles, harness, buggies, furniture. It is the home of the state-fair of Texas, and has an abundant supply of good water and all modern city conveniences. Population, 92,104.