The New Student's Reference Work/Delaware River

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1767857The New Student's Reference Work — Delaware River

Del′aware River is formed by the junction, on the boundary line of New York and Pennsylvania, of two small streams which flow from the Catskills. It separates those states till it reaches Kittatinny Mountain, about 70 miles distant, where it turns sharply southwest and separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey. Soon it passes through Delaware Water Gap, a gorge whose banks are rocks 1,000 and 1,200 feet high on either side. Easton and Trenton are passed, and tide-water is met 132 miles from the sea. Philadelphia is the head of navigation for the largest vessels. Just across the mile-wide channel is Camden. Forty miles below Philadelphia the river empties into Delaware Bay, after a course of 300 miles. The chief branches are the Lehigh and the Schuylkill. The river is connected with the Hudson by the Delaware and Hudson and Morris and Essex Canals.