The New Student's Reference Work/Dwina

Dwina (dwē′ nȧ), Dvina or Düna, the name of two important rivers of Russia.  (1) The northern Dwina is formed by the coming together of the Sukhona and the Yuk.  It flows in a general northwest direction through a flat country to the Gulf of Archangel.  Its length is about 450 miles, and it has several large tributaries, the largest of which, the Viuchegda, is navigable for 500 miles.  The river is a valuable channel of inland trade.  (2) The western Dwina rises not far from the source of the Volga and the Dnieper, emptying into the Gulf of Riga.  Its course is 500 miles long, part of which is navigable.  It is connected with the Dnieper, and thus with the Black Sea, by the Beresina Canal, and by other systems with the Caspian Sea, the Neva and the Gulf of Finland.