The New Student's Reference Work/Eustis, James Biddle

Eus′tis, James Biddle, American jurist, senator and ambassador, was born at New Orleans in August, 1834, graduated in law at Harvard (1854), and practiced in his native city. When the Civil War broke out, he entered the Confederate army and served as judge-advocate. From 1874 to 1876 he was a member of his state senate, and from 1876 to 1879 and again from 1885 to 1891 was a member of the United States senate. He also held the chair of professor of civil law in the University of Louisiana. During Mr. Cleveland's second term as president, Senator Eustis was minister and subsequently ambassador-extraordinary of the United States to France. In 1897 he resumed his legal practice at New York; but died two years later.