The New Student's Reference Work/Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo (gwȧn-tä′nȧ-mō̇) Bay, an excellent bay and harbor on the southern coast of Cuba, about 40 miles east of Santiago, the scene of a historic engagement in the middle of June, 1898, between the Spanish and the United States troops, marines, war-vessels and transports. The American marines effected a landing and established and fortified Camp McCalla. This they held for several days against a superior force, until, aided by shells from the warships, the enemy was driven off. Guantanamo City, on the Guasco River, province of Santiago de Cuba, about 13 miles by rail north of its port, Caimanera, on the Bay of Guantanamo, has a population of about 7,250; while that of the district is close upon 30,000.