The New Student's Reference Work/Hellmuth, Right Rev. Isaac

Hell′muth, Right Rev. Isaac, was born near Warsaw, Poland, in 1820, of Jewish extraction. Educated at the University of Breslau, in 1841 he made a public profession of Christianity, and came to Canada in 1844. Ordained by the Bishop of Quebec in 1846, he was a professor in the University of Bishop's College, Lenoxville, for eight years. Later he became archdeacon, dean of Huron and rector of St. Paul's Cathedral, London (Ontario). He was elected coadjutor-bishop of the diocese of Huron, and made bishop with the title of Bishop of Norfolk. The same year he succeeded Bishop Cronyn, who died in 1871. His most enduring work was education. With Bishop Cronyn he established Huron Theological College (1863), Hellmuth Boys' College (1865) and Hellmuth Ladies' College (1869). He aided in establishing Western University, contributing largely to it from his private funds. These institutions are all doing excellent work at the present time. While they flourish, he will never need a monument. His son, Isidore Hellmuth, is a graduate of bridge, and practices law in Toronto. Bishop Hellmuth died in 1901.