The New Student's Reference Work/Jericho

Jer′icho, once one of the most flourishing cities of Palestine, was situated northeast trom Jerusalem a journey of six hours. Westward from Jericho lies a waste tract of limestone mountains; but the town stands on a well-watered and fruitful plain, yielding dates, raisins, balsam and honey. The capture of Jericho by the Israelites on their first entrance into Canaan, is recorded in Joshua 6. Herod the Great resided at Jericho, and erected many beautiful buildings. It was destroyed in the reign of Vespasian, and rebuilt under Hadrian. In the time of the crusades it was captured, and at last completely destroyed. At the present time its place is occupied by a miserable village, called Riha or Ariha, with barely 200 inhabitants.