The New Student's Reference Work/Lübeck

Lübeck (lü′bĕk), a state of and free city in Germany, formerly head of the Hanseatic League and now an important shipping town, stands on the Trave, 12 miles from the Baltic and 40 northeast of Hamburg. The state possesses 115 square miles of territory, including the port near the mouth of the Trave, with a population of 105,857. The city is the great center for trade between Hamburg and the cities of Germany and the countries that border the Baltic. Among the churches is the Gothic St. Mary's, first erected 1163–70, which has two towers, 407 feet in height, masterpieces of old German sculpture. The cathedral, St. Peter's and St. James' are other ancient churches: A town-hall, hospital, library, school of navigation, zoological, antiquarian and art collections are other notable features. Population 98,620.