The New Student's Reference Work/Laboulaye, Edouard René de

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)
Laboulaye, Edouard René de

Laboulaye (lȧ′bo͞o′lâ′), Edouard René de, a French jurist, was born at Paris, Jan. 18, 1811. He adopted the profession of an advocate or lawyer, and in 1849 was appointed professor of comparative jurisprudence in the College of France. Although he attained distinction as an essayist and story-writer, his most important works have been on French law. His Histoire Politique des Etats-Unis is well known in the United States. Laboulaye was elected to the national assembly in 1871, and was made a life-senator in 1876. He died at Paris, May 25, 1883.