The New Student's Reference Work/Landor, Walter Savage

Lan′dor, Walter Savage, was born at Warwick, England, Jan. 30, 1775.  At ten he was sent to Rugby School, but on account of his intractable temper he was expelled.  After ten years with a tutor he was sent to Trinity College, but was expelled in 1794.  In 1795 he published a volume of poems.  In 1798 he published Gebir.  A hasty marriage in 1811 proved unhappy, and he left his wife, going to France, devoting his time to writing and producing his tragedy of Count Julian.  His notable works are his Imaginary Conversations (1824-48), Examination of Shakespeare (1834), Pentameron (1837), Pericles and Aspasia and his Hellenics.  He died at Florence, Italy, Sept. 17, 1864.  See Forster’s Life and Sidney Colvin’s Landor in the English Men of Letters Series.