The New Student's Reference Work/Louisa of Prussia

Loui′sa of Prussia, known as The Good Queen, was born at Hannover, March 10, 1776. She was the wife of Frederick William III and the mother of Frederick William IV and William I, kings of Prussia. She was very popular, her great beauty and dignity, added to her lovely character and wide benevolence, making her the idol of the people. She showed energy and resolution in the nation's trouble after the battle of Jena, and still further won the respect of the people by the manner in which she endured the conduct of Napoleon, whom she had visited at Tilsit, vainly hoping to obtain favorable conditions of peace for her country. She died on July 19, 1810. The Prussian Order of Louisa, The Louisa School for Girls and The Louisa Governess' Seminary were founded in honor of her. See Life by Hudson.