The New Student's Reference Work/Lundy's Lane

Lun′dy's Lane, a battle fought in Canada near Niagara Falls, during the War of 1812, between the British and Americans July 25, 1814. Early in the day General Brown, the American commander, learned that a British force under General Drummond had crossed the Niagara at Queenston to attack Fort Schlosser. To divert the British from this purpose General Winfield Scott with 1,500 men was ordered to make a demonstration upon Queenston. About sunset Scott came upon a force under General Riall posted on an eminence near Lundy's Lane. A severe fight ensued, which continued until midnight. The British were driven from their strong position, and General Riall and his staff were taken prisoners. By a fierce countercharge, however, the British recaptured the position and the guns which had been taken. The Americans withdrew toward Chippewa. General Brown arrived upon the field and took command in person sometime after sunset. Both he and General Scott were severely wounded during the engagement. The British loss was 878; that of the Americans 743.