The New Student's Reference Work/Manistee

Manistee (măn′ĭs-tē′), a city of Michigan, is on Lake Michigan, at the mouth of Manistee River and 135 miles northwest of Lansing. It is the county-seat of Manistee County, and has the service of three railroads. It also is an important shipping point, and has passenger-boat service with Chicago and other cities. The region is underlaid with a bed of salt 30 feet thick, and this gives employment to a large number of people in 10 salt-works. Manistee is noted for manufacture of sawed and planed lumber and shingles, its production of the latter surpassing, as far as known, that of any other town in the world. It has good public schools, several churches and a library. Manistee has gasworks, three foundries and a public water-supply. The town was incorporated in 1867. Its name means Spirit of the Woods. Population 13,736.