The New Student's Reference Work/Maxwell, William Henry

Maxwell, William Henry, a prominent American educator, since 1898 superintendent of public schools in New York City, was born in Ireland in 1852. He was educated at the College of Belfast and Galway and at Queen’s University, taking his A. B. in 1872 and his A. M. in 1874. In 1874 he emigrated to the United States; and from 1882 to 1898 he superintended the Brooklyn public schools. As superintendent of the New York public schools Mr Maxwell has made indomitable efforts to keep the march of educational facilities apace with the wonderful growth of New York City. In 1901 he was made an honorary LL. D. by Columbia University. In 1904–05 he was president of the National Education Association. He is the author and editor of several textbooks for schools; and many of his short papers and addresses are printed in the proceedings of the N. E. A. (see Index, 1906) and in educational magazines. See, also, the annual reports of the superintendent of schools, New York City.