The New Student's Reference Work/Mead, Larkin Goldsmith

Mead, Larkin Goldsmith, an American sculptor, was born at Chesterfield, N. H., Jan. 3, 1835. His early years were spent in Vermont. He studied art at Brooklyn, N. Y., and in Italy. The Recording Angel, his first work, was modeled in snow and afterward cut in marble. His large pieces have been executed for public buildings and monuments. Among them are the colossal statue of Vermont, on the dome of the statehouse, and of Ethan Allen in the portico of the same building in Vermont and one of the same hero, given by Vermont to the hall of representatives at Washington. The statue of Lincoln on the monument at Springfield and a group representing Columbus before Queen Isabella, for the state of California and the Returned Soldier are other specimens of his larger statues. He died Oct. 15, 1910.