The New Student's Reference Work/Miamis

Miamis (mī̇-äm′ēz), an Indian tribe found in the 17th century by the French near Green Bay and on the Fox and St. Joseph's Rivers. They were related to the Illinois tribe and belonged to the Algonquin family. In 1721 they were found on the Miami, the Wabash and the Ohio. In the French and English wars they sided sometimes with one party and sometimes with the other, but during the Revolution went with the English. They were hostile to the settlers; and in 1790 General Harmar was sent against them. Under their chief, Little Turtle, they defeated General St. Clair, but after a defeat by Wayne they made peace in 1794. In 1809 they yielded their lands, from the Wabash to the Ohio state-line, and after another struggle with the United States troops made peace in 1815. They gave up all their lands in 1838 and 1840, and were finally removed to Kansas in 1846 and from there, in 1873, to the Quapaw reservation in Indian Territory. They numbered, when moved, only 150, having dwindled to that from a tribe of 8,000 warriors.