The New Student's Reference Work/Mill, John Stuart

84354The New Student's Reference Work — Mill, John Stuart

Mill, John Stuart, son of James Mill, who also was known as a writer and utilitarian philosopher, was born at London, May 20, 1806.  His early education was carried on by his father, beginning with the study of Greek when three years old and making him at 14 as advanced as most young men at the end of their period of study.  His first writings appeared in a newspaper in 1822.  Before he was 20 he was recognized as a leader in philosophy and politics, and was the most frequent contributor to the Westminster Review — a magazine which represented the ideas of his party.  He somewhat changed his philosophical theories later, under the influence of Maurice, Sterling and Coleridge.  His most important works are his System of Logic, Principles of Political Economy, Comte and Positivism, Representative Government, Dissertations and Discussions, England and Ireland and Liberty.  He died at Avignon, France, May 8, 1873.  See his Autobiography, which appeared in the year of his death; and Life by Bain; and Life and Works by Herbert Spencer, by Thornton, by Fox Bourne and by others.

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