The New Student's Reference Work/Moffat, Robert

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)
Moffat, Robert
Moff'at, Robert, a Scottish missionary, was born in East Lothian, Dec. 21, 1795. In 1816 he sailed for South Africa, under the London Missionary Society, and began his work in Great Namaland, in the country of a chief called Afrikaner, who had been a terror to all the region until he came under the influence of Christianity. Moffat opened mission stations, printed the Bible and other books in the native language, and made the whole region a center of Christian light. From 1838 to 1843 he was in England, publishing his Missionary Labors and telling crowds of hearers about his adventures and work. He returned with other missionaries, remaining until 1874, when after 54 years of missionary work he once more made England his home, where his labors were honored by a gift of $25,000 and a public reception in London. He died on Aug. 8, 1883. His influence led Livingstone (q. v.), whose wife was Mary, the daughter of Robert Moffat, to Africa, and Livingstone in turn won Stanley (q. v.) for Africa (1875-90).