The New Student's Reference Work/Montana, University of

The New Student's Reference Work  (1914) 
Montana, University of

Montana, University of, is at Missoula in the western portion of the state. It consists of a preparatory department, a college of literature, science and the arts and a school of mechanical engineering. It is endowed with 72 sections of land granted by Congress in 1892, with the proviso that the land may not be sold for less than $10 an acre. The university was established in 1895. It now has 22 instructors and 360 students, of whom about a third are in the preparatory department and about 100 pursue courses in the arts. There are 22 students in mechanical engineering. Tuition is free, except in the law-school when that shall be established. Its library consists of about 16,000 volumes, and its income is about $65,000 a year.