The New Student's Reference Work/Muskmelon

Musk′mel′on, various forms of Cucumis melo, a genus of the gourd family and native to southern Asia.  The cultivation of muskmelons has become a very important commercial enterprise in North America.  There are two general types in the market: (1) the furrowed kinds with hard rind, known as cantaloupes, and (2) the netted kinds with softer rinds, known as nutmeg-melons.  The nutmeg-melons are those most commonly seen in the early markets; while the cantaloupes are longer-seasoned varieties.  An important strain of the nutmeg type has recently become prominent under the name of osage-melons, which were developed in southern Michigan.  Musk-melons are a staple food among the inhabitants of Persia, Egypt and Italy. Musk-melon growing is extensively carried on in the southern states, and the Mississippi valley in general is peculiarly adapted to the industry.  However, New Jersey as yet supplies half of the market-crop.  See Cucumis.