The New Student's Reference Work/New York, University of the State of

The New Student's Reference Work  (1914) 
New York, University of the State of

New York, University of the State of, is a department of state and also is a federation of nearly 2,000 institutions of higher and secondary education. Its object is to promote such education. Its organization includes educational agencies as diverse as academies and extension-courses, colleges and libraries, high schools and museums, and professional or technical schools, study-classes and universities. It is governed by the governor, lieutenant-governor, secretary of state and superintendent of instruction, whose public office makes them regents, and by 19 regents elected as such by popular vote. They control the charters of educational institutions; confer honorary degrees; appoint boards to examine candidates for the professions; and distribute funds. They also supervise secondary institutions and professional education. The university consists of the administrative, collegiate, high-school and home-education departments, the state library and the state museum. It originated in 1784, Alexander Hamilton, James Duane, Ezra L'Hommedieu and other men of mark being its authors. The idea of an educational government, distinct from every teaching institution but bringing all into vital relations with the state, was reached later. New York's whole system of higher professional and technical education rests on the supervision of education in high schools and academies by the university. It has stimulated the improvement of commercial education and of business schools. The state library has over 1,064,865 manuscripts, pamphlets and volumes. The museum includes seven departments; engages in practical scientific experiment and pure research; and possesses extensive and valuable collections. Albany is the headquarters of the university.