The New Student's Reference Work/Newport, R. I.

Newport, R. I., a city, is a port of entry and was one of the capitals till 1900. It is the most noted fashionable resort in America, and has magnificent private estates and villas. Its capacious and beautiful harbor is a great yacht rendezvous, and the city has many parks, fountains and monuments of great beauty. It has unexcelled public schools, and is the seat of St. George's and Cloyne House Schools and St. Mary's Academy. On Coaster Harbor are the U. S. war-college and naval training-school and a naval hospital. Newport possesses many points of historical interest, among them the state-house, built in 1742, now used as the county court-house; the Jewish synagogue (1762); Trinity Church (1725); Redwood Library (1748); and the “Old Stone Mill” pointed out as an alleged relic of the days of the Norsemen, but a subject of controversy. The town was settled in 1639 by Roger Williams and eight followers. Population 27,149.