The New Student's Reference Work/Nogi, General Ki-Teu

The New Student's Reference Work  (1914) 
Nogi, General Ki-Teu

Nogi, General Ki-Teu, a Japanese soldier or samurai, born in Choshu in 1851.  He served in the Satsuma Rebellion and, later, was made governor-general of Formosa.  He received the rank of general on June 6th, 1904; commanded the third army in Manchuria in the Russo-Japanese war, rendering valuable service in the Battle of Mukden; and led the forces that captured Port Arthur.  He bore the reputation of being a model soldier according to the most rigorous and ancient standards.  This is considered the more remarkable, as Choshu men generally are credited not so much with courage as sagacity.  Following an ancient Japanese custom, General Nogi and his wife committed suicide at their home, Sept. 13, 1912, just as the body of their late emperor, Mutsuhito (q. v.), was being taken from Tokio for burial.