The New Student's Reference Work/North Tonawanda, N. Y.

North Ton′awan′da, N. Y., a city in Niagara County at the confluence of Niagara River and Tonawanda Creek; on the Erie Canal and the Lehigh Valley, Erie and New York Central railroads.  Only 10 miles from Buffalo, several other railroads using leased tracks, and electric lines connect it with that city, Niagara Falls and other places.  It has large manufacturing and commercial interests.  Pig-iron, steam-pipes, merry-go-rounds, steam-pumps, bolts, nuts and a large variety of lumber products are manufactured here.  The government is vested in a mayor, who holds office for two years, and a council consisting of two members from each ward and three at large.  The city owns and operates its own water-works.  Aided by the development of power at Niagara Falls, it has had a very rapid growth.  Population 11,955.