The New Student's Reference Work/Parkhurst, Rev. Charles Henry

Park′hurst, Rev. Charles Henry, an American Presbyterian clergyman, was born in 1842 at Framingham, Mass. He attended Amherst College and several German universities. Mr. Parkhurst is very well-known as a forceful and practical preacher. Since 1880 he has been pastor of the Madison Square Presbyterian Church, New York City. He became in 1891 president of the Society for the Prevention of Crime; and his attacks upon the corruption which had gained ground in the police department led in 1894 to a senatorial investigation, which resulted in a movement toward reform. Dr. Parkhurst has published a number of religious works, which often have a prominent social and even political side. Among these are The Pattern in the Mount; Three Gates on a Side; The Question of the Hour; The Fellowship of Suffering; Our Fight with Tammany; What would the World be Without Religion? The Sunny Side of Christianity; and Guarding the Cross with Krupp Guns.