The New Student's Reference Work/Pesth

Pesth or, rather, Budapest, is the capital of Hungary and, next to Vienna, the second city in Austria-Hungary. Pesth stands on the left, Buda on the right, bank of the Danube, 170 miles from Vienna, and since 1873 the two have been one municipality. The towns are connected by chain bridges and a railway bridge. Buda is much the older town, Pesth being an essentially, modern place — the growth of the 19th century principally. It has many fine streets and squares, and the buildings are noted for their large size and substantial appearance. Among them may be mentioned the Jewish synagogue, the parish church, the national museum and the parliament house. While Pesth stands on a plain, Buda is built on small, steep hills, and is backed by vine-clad slopes. Population of both towns 880,371. See Budapest.